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Toddler Care in Parlin, NJ

We introduce a variety of tasks that are deemed necessary in order to promote a successful lifestyle. For instance, simple tasks like buckling buckles, buttoning buttons, zipping zippers, lacing laces and potty training become difficult for our youngsters. When learning independence these vital tasks can easily be overlooked in our practical life.

Goals: 3 years & under

  1. Learn to incorporate manners in our daily lives
  2. Learn to follow classroom instruction and routines
  3. Learn to work within groups amongst peers
  4. Learn number correspondence
  5. Learn to strengthen fine motor skills
  6. Learn to identify shapes and colors
  7. Learn the phonetic sounds of the alphabet
  8. Learn the days of the week, months of the year, weather, and the four seasons
  9. Learn to identify uppercase and lowercase letters
  10. Learn to identify first and last names
  11. Learn to construct and identify patterns
  12. Learn the beginning content of Spanish
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