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Kidzland Childcare and Learning Center
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Children's Daycare in Parlin, NJ

Please contact our Pre-Kindergarten teacher at kidzlandprek@gmail.com for any personal questions. We understand that finding the perfect placement for your children is stressful; however, we can assure that you are making the right decision.

4 years old & above (Pre-Kindergarten Level)

  1. Learn uppercase and lowercase letter formation
  2. Learn to write first and last names
  3. Learn to construct and identify patterns
  4. Learn to tell time
  5. Learn the concept of the number line
  6. Learn to spell simplistic words
  7. Learn phonetic sounds and blends
  8. Learn United States geographical locations
  9. Learn to demonstrate independence
  10. Learn to support classmates and form friendships
  11. Learn spanish and sign language
  12. Learn to express ourselves and define our emotions
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